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Supporting the healing of your mind, body, and spirit

Chinese Energetic Medicine
( Medical Qigong)

This hands-on body and energetic treatment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and renewed. It involves working with each of your body's systems and organs to purge toxicity, tonify deficiencies, and regulate and harmonize the body as a whole. Qigong is not only a physical practice, but also a meditative and introspective journey that invites you to cultivate awareness of your own energy and facilitate self-healing. Whether you have a serious chronic illness or just want a "tune-up," this is a wonderful modality for deep healing and improving your quality of life.

Acudetox 5- Point Auricular Acupuncture

Acudetox/Acuwellness is a truly remarkable treatment that involves the strategic placement of tiny needles in 5 specific points on your ear. It's profoundly relaxing, and for those who are uncomfortable with needles, there's also an option for ear seeds. This acupuncture approach has been proven to be a powerful ally in managing stress, anxiety, PTSD, and supporting addiction recovery. The ear is like a map of all your body's systems, and these gentle needles work wonders in restoring equilibrium.

Somatic Emotional Processing

The body expresses itself through sound and movement.

When we experience pain, whether physical or emotional, our bodies need a process to release it.  Just talking it out often isn't enough to release trauma and reactivity from our physical bodies.

Somatic trauma-informed practices give you a safe, healing way to express and release tension, pain, and other sources of imbalance from your body, with the support of an experienced and compassionate practitioner.

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