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Dina Joy


Priest, Chinese Energetic Medicine Therapist, Somatic Trauma Release, Counseling & Natural Health Specialist

Dina is an international speaker, healer, author of Date Better, Darling!, and has been featured on national television, radio, and podcasts in the US and abroad. She’s had a natural health practice in several states and countries since 2007, specializing in complementary cancer care, chronic illness, detoxification, emotional processing, healing food plans, trauma, digestive disorders, relationship conflict, and supporting the developmentally disabled community.

Dina also has a Master's degree in Chinese Energetic Medicine and is pursuing her Doctorate in the very first fully accredited Chinese Energetic Medicine program in the United States through Bian Hua Gong, founded by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson. She has a deep love for the way Chinese medicine honors the whole person, supporting their body, energy, emotions, and spirit.

Dina incorporates many tools and modalities for her clients to experience tangible change, including:

  • Energetic rebalancing through the Chinese Medicine meridians and organs

  • Qigong treatments and exercises

  • Acudetox 5-point ear acupuncture

  • Auricular acupressure and ear seeds

  • Chakra system healing

  • Emotional processing for addictions, trauma, pain, and repatterning self-talk

  • Somatic meditation and bodywork

  • Quantum physics and energy medicine

  • Color and light therapy

  • Breathwork, sound, and vibration healing

  • Therapeutic movement

  • Spiritual cleansing

  • Guided meditation

  • Healing food plans

  • Western herbalism

  • Color therapy

  • Relationship support

  • Wedding officiant

  • Spiritual guidance & intuitive readings

  • End of life transitions

When she was younger, Dina struggled with serious health and mobility issues and found little relief in standard allopathic practices. Her journey toward healing led her to study holistic nutrition, western herbalism, detox protocols, energy work, Chinese medicine, meditation, and emotional healing work, all of which are integral parts of her practice. The deeper she went in learning and healing, the more she realized that each wellness and spiritual system had profound truths that could support her clients on their road to becoming their most healthy, joyous self, and she decided to open her heart to wisdom in all traditions. She felt the call to deepen her spiritual walk by becoming an ordained Christian priest, and is an initiate in two other traditions as well, training to be a Daoist priest and Buddhist Lama. With Dina’s extensive training, she can counsel, support, and offer healing wisdom for each stage of a person’s life. Her practices respect and welcome people of all traditions and lifestyles with an open heart.

One of the biggest lessons Dina learned was how our relationships with ourselves and others have a profound effect on our health, self-esteem, and life purpose. To support this, she wrote a book about dating in a way that supports self-love, inner reflection, and meaningful connections with others, and created special programs to help people find love while loving themselves.

When she’s not immersing herself in her practice, Dina spends her time with her beloved husband Arman, exploring nature, enjoying delicious foods, photography, singing (sometimes all at once!), and is an unapologetically enthusiastic Renaissance Faire nerd.

She’s excited and grateful to be a part of your journey toward your most vibrant, healthy, joyous, confident, and fulfilled self.

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