True Nature

It's time to reclaim yourself from trauma.


Your natural state is loving, radiant, and delightfully curious. Trauma, hurt, and grief make us build self-protective walls against our true selves, to avoid more pain. But in that process, it also causes us to cut ourselves off from our deeper gifts and states of joy.

These self-protective walls become deeply-rooted patterns and mental filters. They affect the choices we make, what we notice, the people we love, what we believe we are capable of, and how we connect with others. They keep us on a constricted, familiar loop of disappointment and loneliness.

I was there too. Chronic illnesses, financially flatlining, jumping from heartbreak to heartbreak. Feeling alone even when I was with someone.


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The good news is that you can rewrite the script. You can reclaim the life you were meant to have, before trauma took it away from you. You can break the cycle. You can have the love you've been waiting for. And you won't have to do it alone.


My mission in life is to help anyone who sincerely wants to break these chains and become their fullest selves. One of the biggest ways this shows up is in love — both in your search for love, and who you become while loving someone. These two things alone can change how you experience and express yourself in every other aspect of your life. 

This is your time to reclaim who you were always meant to be, and the meaningful, beautiful, powerful life you were always meant to have. Whether it's your love life, your health, or your inner world, I'm here to help you return to your most radiant self.

You have more to look forward to than you know. 


Love + Qi

Rev. Dina J. Rifkin
Dating Coach, Author of Date Better, Darling!

Healer, Speaker


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