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Dina has helped me work through some very triggering issues in my life and dating journey. She continues to share her insight in such meaningful ways and I feel I have grown immensely through her loving support and gentle guidance. 

Shelly S.

Dina is always willing to offer great healing advice from meditation techniques to herbs to nutritional advice. I only wish she was around me 24/7 for the positive energy and the knowledge she has! 

 Diane K. 

Dina is a natural and powerful coach and healer who offers heart-centeredness and high intelligence. She is amazingly attuned, intuitive, and easily describes difficult or nebulous concepts. When working with her, I find myself in a relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere where it is easy to be open and in a state of flow. I experience her working with me, not at me, creating space for us to bring about change in my system. She utilizes various types of exercises- somatic, psychological, spiritual and is very knowledgeable about internal patterns. Working with her, I’ve been able to internalize helpful, new perspectives and shift old, internal beliefs and patterns that don’t serve me anymore or never did. I have gained so much in self-discovery and healing. I highly recommend for anyone to work with this wise, authentic, and compassionate woman.

 Adrienne D. 

Dina has been my coach for over a year and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor, healer and soul sister. She has moved the needle in every area of my life and supported me through some of the most challenging decisions I have ever had to make. 


It has been her guidance and qigong treatments that have allowed me to make the choices I have needed to make for YEARS, yet haven’t had the courage to. She has led me across the fire as I’ve unraveled my codependent patterns in dating, my unsustainable relationship with finances, and my go-to distraction of constant change, travel and job transitions. She has kept me grounded as I journeyed into the void of loneliness and rediscovered my preferences, my values, my joy and big picture trajectory. She held my hand as I rediscovered myself and then showed me how to practically apply this into the new life I was able to create filled with dating, romantic love, deep friendships, creative expression and hobbies. She also helped me navigate my career path and land my most successful jobs to date. She has also showed me how to merge the spiritual and the everyday through being in full integrity with my beliefs, words and actions. In short­— she is the wisest woman I know! 

Our work together has combined equal parts spirituality, energy work, practical wisdom, and taking action on all the hard-earned lessons I’ve been able to integrate in our ongoing time together. If you are ready to leap into the mystery and make massive, sustainable and grounded shifts, Dina is your person! I have more respect, trust, and belief in this woman than almost anyone else. She is the person I want walking by my side, seeing me in my raw vulnerability and holding me accountable when no one else will. She is an angel on earth and working with her has been the privilege of a lifetime. 

Over this year and half, because of Dina’s consistent support, I have learned to love time alone with myself, face my shadow with courage and dignity, reclaim the parts of myself that felt confusing and unworthy, and become more reliable and grounded than I have ever been. I am currently embodying the woman I have always wanted to be. This is the greatest gift I could have ever received.


Working with Dina is pure magic.

 Lindsey T. 

 Michelle F. 

Dating is a horror at the best of times. Anyone of any gender and any age will tell you they would rather swallow a decanter of coarse gravel than ever go on a date again. The deception, the peacocking, the tiresome tales of my-friend-in-marketing— all the good ones are taken, they will tell you, leaving all the rest of us to shift for ourselves. As a celebrated spinster who steps out of my house only for the sport of my neighbours, I have resigned myself to being the resident cave troll and reading about dating life instead. Date Better, Darling is a wonderfully charming book, but it is not just its self-aware and self-deprecating humour which makes it delightful, but also, and most importantly, its honesty. Dina tells you about her own misadventures, not only to keep her readers from making the same blunders, but also to prove to her audience that not all is lost and that there really are many fish in the proverbial sea, all of them dateable— except sea bass. Nobody likes a sea bass.

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