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Dating Coaching

An empowering, refreshing take on finding love while loving yourself. Learn unique dating strategies, enjoy vitality-boosting self-care practices, move through old pain and relationship blocks, and much more. 

Wedding Officiant

I love weddings! As an ordained priestess, I'm here to help bring a meaningful ceremony for your special day. I happily support all belief systems, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Spring Wedding
Reiki Therapy

Qigong Clinic

In-person and remote sessions with Chinese Energetic Medicine for physical and emotional wellness.

Books + Videos

Get my book, ebooks, and training videos here!

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Energetic Clearing

Are you hosting an event and want to keep the space energetically clear for your participants? Or, do you notice than when you lead a talk, retreat, etc., that you feel drained — or even sick — after? You may benefit from support energetically clearing the room, and clearing you!

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