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Reiki Treatment


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Reclaim your magical self through ritual and reflection.

Create a beautiful future through mystical practices, deep inner work, self-celebration, and empowering relationship tools.

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What Is Chinese Energetic Medicine?

Chinese Energetic Medicine is the mystical and energetic side of Chinese Medicine. It works with the same meridians and organs, but goes deeper than just treating the physical body. It involves energetic treatments, gentle moving meditations, breathwork, sound, and magical practices. Each treatment or exercise is designed to interact with specific elements of your 3 bodies: physical, energetic, and spirit.

Chinese Energetic Medicine can help tonify organs and connective tissue. It supports circulation of bodily fluids. It's also a powerful tool in reclaiming yourself from the pain of trauma, heartbreak, and overwhelm. While it supports different parts of your body, it helps you release old stagnation, painful stories, and empowers you to write a new script in the story of your life.

Chinese Energetic Medicine practitioners use extensive training, study, and self-cultivation to use qi transmission methods for wellness, and include specific energetic and physical exercises, along with unique meditations for each person's needs. These practices are chosen through a variety of diagnostic and assessment methods to restore your vibrant wellness.

Each person is different; anyone who comes for a session will get a unique experience, with special practices to do at home to enhance the lasting effects of each experience. 

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Chinese Energetic Medicine Session: Remote or In-Person

60 Minute Dating Strategy Session

60 Minute Spiritual Counseling


60 Minute Relationship Session

Wedding Officiant

Reclaiming the Self From Trauma and Heartbreak

Divine Dating Academy Membership

Private Retreats (Group and 1-on-1 Available)

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