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You Need Some Playtime!

Remember to play.

I can’t emphasize this enough.

Sometimes, when we are on a quest for something that really matters to us, like finding love, taking our careers to the next level, hosting an event, creating a business or a new product, starting a family, improving our health, learning a new skill, etc., we lose ourselves and our joy.

It’s an irony that I have noticed on my own journey. The very joy, connection with self, and commitment to a loving balance of play, work, and self-care seem to easily go right out the window at the next big thing I want to do. The funny thing is, those are the very things that nourish you and help you create at a higher level.

When I was on my weight loss journey, this really got hammered home for me. You can’t hate your body into a form that you will love. You can’t beat yourself up into becoming an inspiration or leader. Sure, you may notice some changes, but it’s an unsustainable, cheap knock-off version of what it *could* be. What you could be.

It wasn’t until I started learning to love myself, accept myself, and lovingly nourish myself with food, movement, and beliefs, that I started noticing a real improvement. It wasn’t until I started loving myself, becoming playful, and creating a life I truly enjoyed that love finally entered the picture in the form of my amazing husband.

I noticed that we often hold back on those things that nourish us because we think we need to “earn“ them. I think they are needed all along the way. How much more amazing would a project or process be if you loved and appreciated the person doing it the entire time it was being created? Can you do that for yourself?

What’s one way that you can give yourself some nourishing love, acceptance, and play today? Tell me all about it! 👇

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