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Why You Need A Fairy Godperson

A powerful lesson I’ve learned in my marriage is to have a spiritual support that both of you trust and respect.

Dr. Chris @drholder officiated our wedding and has been an incredible mentor to both of us since before we were even engaged. When we hit a situation that feels above our pay-grade, he is there to help us go deeper.

How does this connect to dating? I’m glad you asked!

Something really important to look for in a potential partner is whether they have any sort of mentor that helped them develop tools to keep learning and growing.

I don’t mean coping mechanisms, like working frustration out at the gym, but introspective tools that helps him process their feelings and past wounding, in a way that helps them be more emotionally available and self-aware.

And on that topic, what kind of mentorship do you have? What tools or supporting you? You deserve to have all the love, wisdom, and support that healthy mentorship offers. ❤️

What is a tool that has helped you get through challenging times? Tell me all about it!

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