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The day before our (summer!) wedding, it SNOWED!! I think we may have had one of the most epic wedding-pocalypse situations of the year.

Picture this:

1. Global pandemic

2. Forest fires right near our wedding venue

3. Blizzard for our outdoor wedding (at least it put out the forest fire!)

4. Crazy fog the whole drive there, where we could only see a few feet ahead at a time

I totally wasn’t stressed at all. 😳

When I arrived at my little changing area, I was VERY happy to accept a glass of champagne from one of my bridesmaids!!

Even with all that going on, it was absolutely magical. I kept joking that as long as my husband showed up, everything else was just details. And boy were those details beautiful.

After how crazy and adventurous my search for love was, it kind of felt like the universe was sending me off into this new stage of life with one more epic adventure. 😅

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