He Doesn't Have "Commitment Issues"

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

When women come to me talking about a guy they like who has “commitment issues“ I don’t need a crystal ball to tell them it’s headed for disaster. I know so many women who get together with people who say they have “commitment issues“ and keep waiting for that to change.

I’m going to lovingly say something very blunt:

It’s not commitment issues. It’s that they are not willing to commit to YOU.

I know so many guys who said they had commitment issues until they met a woman they truly saw as worth committing to. It’s not a commitment issue, it’s that you are not a “hell yes“ to them.

Darling, you deserve that hell yes.

Don’t waste your time on someone who says they are struggling to commit. Even if they say they might later. Invest your precious, beautiful life force energy into a relationship with a person couldn’t imagine spending life with anyone else.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that on date number one you expect a committed relationship. Things take time, and trust and intimacy need to be earned. However, this is very different from someone saying they have commitment issues or do not want to be in an official relationship. Your heart knows the difference.

Even if the sex is great, even if they pay attention to you in such beautiful ways when you are together, without being someone’s “hell yes” you are in for a world of heartbreak.

It’s NOT because you’re not enough. (You and I both know you’re freaking amazing.) It’s because they’re not the one, and deep down, they know it.

Keep looking, and go where you are celebrated and treasured for the Queen you are.

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