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The Mug of Ladybossery

This mug is v. special. I got it from one of my #sheroes@sagelavine during her Women Rocking Business challenge! Sage inspires me so much, especially with how she brings women entrepreneurs together in a truly supportive environment. I’ve met so many incredible ladybosses through her events!

This mug is my frequent companion as I write materials for my dating course, ingest heroic quantities of tea, and sometimes ice cream. Because I can. Empowered women sometimes require ice cream too. ;) Any fellow tea nerds here? I’ve been on a puerh and oolong kick for a while, especially as the weather gets cooler.

I think it’s really important to surround yourself — especially in your work space — with things that remind you of successes, communities you feel good in, and why you do what you do. This mug hits all 3 of those things. 🥰 It’s right up there with my Wonder Woman flash drive!

What items do you keep nearby to give you a boost of feel-good vibes? Tell me in the comments! 👇

(Also, let a sister know where you get your fave teas from!)

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