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It's all about You

Your relationship with YOU sets the ground that all other relationships grow from. When I was younger, I really really REALLY didn't get this. I kept looking to someone else to love me into wholeness. I bet you can guess how well *that* went! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Taking time off from dating to get help from mentors changed my life. As I built and uncovered my own self, I started unconsciously being drawn to different people, jobs, choices, and friends. It was wild.

Our inner voices can be so unkind when we are still healing from painful traumas, heartbreak, and not-enough-ness.

My challenge to you today is to post one thing below that you'll do to start healing your relationship with yourself. Some ideas:

-Nourish yourself with a nature walk

-Try out a new hobby

-Spend time with a friend who always lifts you up

-Cook your favorite meal

-Put on a special outfit, just for you

-Reach out to someone you respect for advice

-Read a book that makes you feel good



-List 5 good things about yourself, in lipstick, on your bathroom mirror

Tell me how it went!

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