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Feel The Fall

I’m taking in the rich sensations of this time of transition. My apple tree just released a wave of her fruits, and it felt so symbolic for all the releasing going on in my life right now, especially in becoming newly single.

So much has “fallen.” Things I thought would keep blooming have shifted, revealing their completion.

My initial knee-jerk reaction was to hold on tightly. To be in denial. And then, to be in deep grief.

But falling can be beautiful. Meaningful. Loving.

It can offer a beauty and magic that wasn’t possible during the blooming.

It’s the wise woman, the death crone, with a gentle hand and deep, wise eyes. Her gifts don’t always look pretty. But they can still be of great beauty.

This is a special time to feel, in a richness of spirit and depth that can only come from these transitions. It’s a deeper opening into my own humanity. Into empathy. Into my knowing and self-trust.

So when the season of falling comes…I’m lovingly inviting myself, and you, to feel it all. ❤️🍂

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