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Death, Rebirth, and Books

To create a book from the heart is to go deep into your own magick.

The last few years, writing Date Better, Darling! has had me digging deep. Exposing the unhealed parts of me that felt too small to do this. Uncovering wisdom I had worked hard to earn, but hadn’t owned. Testing what worked for me by sharing it with others. Stripping down to my soul by sharing extremely personal stories and feelings.

Writing from the heart is more than plunking away at a computer. It is a death and rebirth, crawling through the underworld of my past, and digging my way to the surface. At last, holding this copy in my hands, I feel like a whole new stage of life is being born.

I’m so grateful for the journey this took me on. It has changed something in me, and filled me with even more wonder, appreciation, and magick.

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