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Ancient Magic Meets Modern Dating

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Say Yes To Love

Uncover the love that's always been waiting for you.

​Do you ever feel like this?

  • Do you feel empty when you're not with someone? 

  • Do you walk on eggshells with your relationship?

  • Struggling to trust who to date, and who to let go of?

  • Are you anxiously reading into texts to figure out how someone feels about you?

  • Do you have the same problems with different people? 

  • Do you feel like no one you are interested in feels the same way about you?

  • Has yet another great date ghosted you?

  • Do you truly know who a healthy match is for you, or do you say yes just because someone is interested?

Finding love is one of the most meaningful - and DIFFICULT - parts of life. 

In our search to be cherished, we face a lot of disappointment, rejection, and hurt... and a whole lot of wrong fits. 

Even when we think we're sincerely doing all the right things, somehow, the right person just isn't showing up. It can be so frrustrating and confusing!

Here's what's going on: Each of us carries old hurts and blocks that can put off the right person, and keep us looking in all the wrong places. If you've had the same problems with different people, there's a reason for that.

Almost all of us go through the same pain in our own unique ways. 

There are specific things that keep you in the same cycle of loneliness and heartbreak, year after year. You can call them "love blocks." These love blocks don't happen because you're bad, unlovable, or not enough... It's not that you don't deserve it. It's a normal thing that happens to all of us, and there are ways to do something about it.  


I went through all of this too... and now, I'm happily married to the man of my dreams. My experience was so life-changing that I'm writing a book on it! I look forward to sharing it with you later on.

I've had the honor of coaching women through their love blocks, learning to date strategically, and creating lives that are full of love, fun, and empowerment... and now, I'm offering that journey to you.

It's a deep dive into your heart, soul, and experiences... with hands-on practices that you can start using right away. It's not your usual coaching session... and it's not for people who are satisfied with surface-level results. We will use ancient magical practices to help you let go of your blocks and open your heart, forward-thinking emotional work to go deep into your inner world, and cutting-edge dating strategies that will help you find someone special, while honoring your own sovereignty. 

There are 3 pillars you need to reclaim in your foundation, to change your love life:

Reclaiming Your Self:

Before you can fill yourself with new experiences, you need to empty your cup from old wounds, painful stories, and beliefs that don’t support you. We’ll work together in a judgment-free, supportive space with meditation, inner work, and Qigong magical work. This is where we dive deep into old wounds, painful stories, and uncover the real you underneath the pain that’s been holding you back from loving yourself and being loved. You’ll be given special energetic practices to do at home to enhance your healing as well.


Reclaiming Your Life:

This is where we get back to who you really are, empowering you in parts of your life that may have been set aside to accommodate others. We’ll look at how you feel in your career, your interests, self care, and your body. There’s no “right” or “wrong” preferences here — it’s all about uncovering what’s true for you. You’ll get some really fun things to do at home, too. 


Reclaiming Your Love:

First, we will explore who you used to date, and why. Then we’ll work together to create a new vision of what really matters to you, and the experiences you want to have while discovering it. Next, we work together on your dating profile, look into singles activities near you, and explore who you choose to date. And, our journey together doesn’t end there — you’ll be supported the entire way through, with guidance for how to say no, how to ask for more dates, how to break up with someone, and processes for deciding who to move forward with for something more. 

You may be wondering why I chose this path, and whether I can actually help. I get it.


I'm here because I've been through this too. I went through years of heartbreak, leading up to a painful wake-up call I couldn't ignore. It led me to spend years on my own healing journey, before learning how to date in a new way... and get new results. I'm now happily married to a better man than my younger self could have dreamed of, and I want that happiness for you, too! Since then, I've put together the best things I've learned into my own system, and use it to help women transform themselves and the love they find. 

Because I went through it, I can understand each stage of your healing, the things that will come up, and how to find a way forward when you feel stuck or overwhelmed. You'll be supported and respected the whole way. No matter what your past was, or where you're at, if you're willing to open your heart and take this journey, I'm here for you. 

Let's Connect

Love Is Your Birthright

Your natural state is loving, vibrant, and deeply connected. Trauma, hurt, and grief make us build walls against our true selves, and shut us down to fully feeling and accepting who we are. As a result, we close down to attracting and receiving love, and keep seeking people who fulfill our old wounded patterns. We all face this in some way or another until we heal and create new neural pathways and awareness. Love & Qi is designed to help you get back to yourself, and the life that's always been waiting for you, in two steps:

  • Reconnect with your "original nature" through magical rituals, deep inner work, and healing treatments.

  • Learn how to date in a way that leaves you whole, fulfilled, and free of old patterns... while unapologetically having fun.

Private Sessions

Sit down with a healing cup of tea, and get ready to explore. We'll discuss your hopes, your past pains, and what may be holding you back. 


Then, you’ll be invited to relax on the treatment table. I'll work with the energy of each of your organs, helping you let go of deeply stored traumas and hurt. You will remain clothed, with a few parts of the treatment involving touch. 

After, you'll get customized practices, rituals, and sometimes suggestions on herbs and other things that may support your transformation.

Come with an open heart, a curious mind, a willingness to be courageously honest, and wear comfortable clothes. This program is respectful of all belief systems, sexual orientations, and genders. 


Our retreats are intimate, meaningful, and unapologetically fun. You’ll learn ancient, seldom-shared qigong techniques to rebalance, energize, and free yourself of old patterns. Explore your power words, your true values, and the types of experiences that nourish you. You’ll be celebrated in a fiercely loving tribe of people while dancing, stretching, rereleasing, exploring magical rituals, and dining on exquisite cuisine. You'll go deeper with a 1-on-1 treatment session, where you can share your personal pains and your vision for the future. Every part of your experience will nourish your body, open your heart, and elevate your spirit. 

Get ready to glow.

My Book

Coming Soon!

I'm excited to announce my upcoming book on dating, love, relationships, and the importance of being sacredly selfish. You'll learn more about my own story, with all the juicy, vulnerable parts. Consider this your field guide for new ways to date... especially if you're an empath who is used to being absorbed by your relationships.

We'll explore important stages of reclaiming yourself from old partners, painful wounds, and patterns that don't serve you... and then venture into the world of dating. We'll explore how to create your online dating profile, how to choose a date, what to do on a first date, and much more. 

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