About Dina



Dina J. Rifkin is an international author, priestess, speaker, healer, coach, champion tea drinker, and major Renaissance Faire nerd. She is dedicated to helping people reclaim their innate gifts of connection, empowerment, and joy through her coaching, books, healing work, and other life-opening adventures (stay tuned!).

It's been said that our crucibles become our calling. It's certainly been the case for Dina. She started her journey battling chronic illness, cycles of heartbreak, and poverty. She ran from pain to pain until she had nowhere left to go but within. Her road towards healing — and meeting the love of her life — became the foundation of a life with more meaning and joy than she could have imagined. 


Her journey led her deep into the inner workings of the mind and heart, learning with incredible healers, mystics, and kind-hearted humans around the world. As she began to release her old chains and heal, she began to share what she learned to help others lift themselves up, too.

Today, Dina is an ordained priestess in Christian Esoteric Mysticism through the temple Bian Hua Gong under Abbott Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, and in training to become a Daoist priestess with Dr. William Welch Jr.

In addition to her mystical calling, Dina is deeply devoted to helping people find love in ways that heal and empower, which can become a foundation into deeper healing and exploration. Her book, Date Better, Darling! is becoming a much-loved guide for dating from the heart. It's based on her own adventure of going on 71 dates in a year, and getting ultra-geeky about how to learn about someone, how to attract better partners, all while deepening her relationship with herself. Now, Dina supports people who want to learn how to date, through personal coaching, live events, and more. 

Dina is also a practitioner of Chinese Energetic Medicine and is certified under the California Board of Acupuncture. She is taking that training deeper as she studies for a Doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine with Bian Hua Gong.

She lives with her beloved husband Nate and their many houseplants — most notably, Norbert the aloe plant — in the magical land of Golden, Colorado.